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We're Inspired by Lauren Hill's Love of Basketball - Are You?

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by Sam Meyerkopf

Updated (Nov. 3): Watch the very emotional moment as Lauren score the first basket of the NCAA Basketball season vs. Hiram College.



To some it's just a sport.  Maybe an activity you do with your friends.  Something to do in your spare time.  A way to stay in shape.  

But to a lot of us, including everyone here at POINT 3, basketball means more.  It's something that brings us together, gives us a chance to fight for something as a group, and makes people more connected.  There is a sense of comradery around the game that few other things can come close to.

The story of Lauren Hill is an inspiring one, and one that touched us here at POINT 3 as well.  The 19-year-old college student from Greendale, Indiana, was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer last year and was given two years to live.  Then during a brain scan this September, it was revealed she's unlikely to make it through the new year.  

So her college, Mount St. Joseph University, was able to get permission from the NCAA to move up their home opener to November 2nd so Lauren can achieve her one last wish: to play in a college basketball game. The Lions will face Hiram College, and as Lauren's story has spread throughout the country, the game was moved to Xavier University's Cintas Center because it became such a popular ticket. The game is already sold out with over 10,000 tickets sold, with net proceeds going to the The Cure Starts Now Foundation.

Through all of the treatment and tough times that cancer brings, Lauren could have left the team behind.  But that wasn't something she ever thought about.  The sisterhood of the team is something so strong, she wants to be around it as much as she can.  And here's Lauren herself, explaining what the basketball means to her: 

"The thing I've loved most about basketball is probably the family.  How close you are to a basketball team is really special and it's really what connects you to your other players."

POINT 3 has made a donation in honor of Lauren's battle to The Cure Starts Now. We hope you are willing to do the same.

Our thoughts are with Lauren and her team and wish her the best of luck in her collegiate debut this weekend!


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