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In the 9 years we've been doing this, there are a few times when I pinch myself as a reminder that I run a basketball brand for a living.  Last week was one of those moments...

I shut down my computer around 6:15 and because it seemed like I was last man standing, took a lap around the office to turn off lights, take out the know, all the stuff a normal CEO does.  But I noticed that not only were all the lights on in the warehouse, but our bay door was open and the UPS truck was backed up.  Weird, especially cause our UPS guy keeps it tight - picked up and out by 5:30 basically every day.

Less weird was walking out to our parking lot goal where a game of 21 was on.  Like, Summer ATL 90 degrees at 6pm on.  The warehouse squad was getting after it so even though high man already had 7, I opened up the button down and went to work.  Other than Blake's deep step back from the 2nd crack in the gravel, not a whole lot of highlights that afternoon but it only takes a quick game of 21 to remind us all why we do this.

Now in full candor, the pic above was taken the next day.  You know why?  Zoom in on the base of that goal and see what got left behind.  

Our UPS driver didn't win - mostly cause he had to leave mid-game (as high man with 12) to finish his route but the next time someone asks what can brown do for you, you've got the answer.   BUCKETS.

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