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Can Malik Beasley and Kaiser Gates Repeat as Georgia State HS Champs?

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St. Francis teammates and fellow D1 signees Malik Beasley and Kaiser Gates put on a show at The-Skill-Factory's pre-season event, winning the POINT 3 Performer of the Night awards.

Malik Beasley with the TSF crew

Malik Beasley with the TSF Crew

Kaiser Gates with the TSF crew

Kaiser Gates with the TSF crew

We caught up with the two St. Francis teammates after the game to get some insight on their off-season training and how they want this season to end.

What’s it like playing together at St. Francis?

MB: We go at it a lot during practice and workouts. When we’re playing against each other we hate each other on the court, but as soon as the practice or workout is over we back to being best friends. It’s that competitive mindset that makes us even better when we play other teams. We got a great chemistry, we vibe together on the court and we’re best friends so it really helps us in games.

KG: It’s crazy because it’s like you’re playing against a top player in the country everyday. So when we get out against other kids from other schools who are supposed to be really good, they just feel like regular players to us. So it’s not as challenging as it would be if we weren’t playing against each other everyday. I think that definitely helps us a lot. 

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What do you work on specifically to improve your game? And what would you say has helped you become such a good player?

MB: I work on my weaknesses. I try to make my strengths stronger and my weaknesses my strengths. Anything I feel that I’m struggling with I get in the gym and work on it constantly. Between my hard work and dedication and faith in God, I’ve been able to get to where I am now. My family and friends have all supported me also, so that helps a lot too.

KG: Yeah like Malik said, just workout out all the time. I really try to keep my shot consistent so just getting shots up all the time. I try to work on my weaknesses too, like finishing with my left hand more, getting to the basket, ball handling everything. Just trying to improve on all aspects of the game.

MB: Make sure you get your rest too!

KG: Yeah, definitely!

Malik, what’s it like training at The-Skill-Factory?

MB: (TSF Lead trainer Jeremiah) Boswell is a great trainer, he’s helping me improve my game across the board. Expanding my game is important so we’ve been working on post stuff and just preparing for the future. We work towards the future opposed to preparing for right now, because preparing for the future helps for the present, if that makes sense. But everything I’ve learned from Bos has really helped me, it’s been great I love The-Skill-Factory. In the Pro/Elite runs I got a chance to play against some Hawks players and all the Millsap brothers, Paul, Elijah and those guys. It’s tough because I get bullied out there, but it helps me when I’m playing against people my age, because I can destroy them.

Kaiser, what’s taken you so long to join Malik at TSF?

KG: In the past I’ve been doing other workouts in my area but after being introduced to the program and having the opportunity to play in this game I’m just now joining. I just went to my first session last week and I’m about to start coming with Malik all the time just for some extra work.

What are your expectations for the season?

Simultaneously: 2 RINGS! (laughs)

Good luck to Malik and Kaiser as they start their final high school seasons!

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