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The Shorts You Live In

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Never fails….NCAA Finals wrap Monday night, MLB Opening Day gets snuck in that week, Masters that weekend and boom – welcome to Spring. And of course with Spring, comes the official start of shorts season – always our favorite at POINT3!

But for us this Spring, it means just a little bit more. You see, we’ve spent A LOT of time back in the lab here at P3 World HQ thinking about who we are as a brand and a company, and who we aspire to serve. And in going thru this heady exercise we’ve kept our eyes firmly fixed on our “north star” guiding all decisions…




It’s so simple. Stay focused on your customer. Remember who they are and give them what they want.

YOU Love to Wear Shorts.

WE Make The Best Shorts.

POINT3 – The Shorts You Live In. 

If you’ve rocked with us before, you’ve known we make The World’s Best Basketball Gear.  But wearing basketball shorts happens on and off the court. Shorts have become a year-round wardrobe staple worn while playing, gaming, training and just kicking it. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the world’s most interesting creators to show why POINT3 are truly The Shorts You Live In.

To commemorate this re-focus as a company, we’ve dropped THIS NEW ANTHEM to remind ourselves and our customers why we’re here, and why you keep coming back.

Now get back out there, get some spring sun on those thighs (or kneecaps if you prefer to keep it old school) and be on the lookout for more shorts drops (no, not that kind) in the coming weeks.

Have fun (& sun) out there,


Chief Sweat Officer

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