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Our Lead Designer's Top 5 Inspirations

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Siran White has been with POINT3 since 2016 and is currently our Lead Graphic Designer. Those dope a$$ mock-ups for your basketball uniforms? Yup, he did that. Most recently, Siran has been getting shine for all the graphic design around our new Call of Duty collab - a special project for him as a long-time COD-head. Wanna get inside his dome for a sec? Read on...

1. Movie Posters

There's no coincidence that some of my favorite movies of all time also have some of my favorite posters of all time. The Japanese poster forA Few Dollars More, the poster forGoodfellas, and the poster forAkira all have certain design elements that I love. The use of color, composition, and placement of fonts and characters all influence the way I look at things when I’m designing anything from logos to uniforms.

Akira movie poster



My favorite artist/designer is Brian Donnelly, more popularly known as KAWS. The way he takes fine art and infuses it with street culture is a big design inspiration for me. His collaborations over the years with the likes of musicians Pharrell Williams and Kid Cudi, and most recently the brand North Face are nothing short of well crafted design work. He will forever be a source of inspiration for me.

3. Anime

My dad introduced me to my first ever anime,Hayao Miyazaki’s classicPrincess Mononoke, when I was 10 years old. The art was breathtaking and was one of the reasons I started drawing. Over the years I started getting into more anime like theDragon Ball series and my favorite anime of all timeCowboy Bebop.It’s the style of some of the main characters in anime that I mainly take inspiration from. Spike’s iconic navy jacket, yellow button up, and black tie fromCowboy Bebop to Vegeta’s Pink Badman shirt and Yellow pants combo all have a lasting effect on me when it comes to design.



4. 80’s / 90’s Basketball & Hockey Jerseys

My favorite jersey of all time is the script jersey that the Chicago Bulls wore from 1973 through Michael Jordan’s rookie season in 1984. Maybe it’s because it was the jersey he wore during his incredible first season in the NBA or maybe it’s because I have a little bias towards my hometown team. But that jersey is an all time classic and the reason I tend to lean more towards classic designs when everybody else is doing designs that are out there and in your face. Also, a big shout out to the jerseys they wore in D2: The Mighty Ducks, the movie may not have aged well, but those jerseys sure do.


5. Stephen Vanasco

I never thought that I would take design inspiration from photography until I saw a beautifully shot aerial photo of San Francisco iconic Golden Gate bridge covered in fog. I didn't find out until a couple of years later that that photo was shot by Stephen Vanasco, then known professionally as Van Styles. I was always a big fan of his apparel company, V/SUAL, but never knew he was a photographer or even his real name. His photos speak to me in a way I can't really explain. I have a canvas print of his photo of Dodger Stadium hanging in my office and I’m not even a Dodgers fan. The picture is just beautiful to me, His photos may not influence my designs directly but they sure do get me to a place where I'm at my creative best.

stadium photo

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