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Founder's Review: Woven 2.0 Training Shorts

2 min read

Hey - it's me again, Founder & CEO Michael Luscher. (BTW most call me Lusch)

Been too long! I've been looking for an outlet to share some thoughts about business and life so will be keeping this blog active...and my man Angel who handles our digital tells me it's good for our SEO ;)

Had one of those days. Just a lot of that "need to get done" stuff rather than the "can't wait to crush it" task list. Well I've learned nothing cures those blahs better then getting a few miles in after work - especially when it's hi 60s and some leaves falling in greater ATL. And even better....doing it in our all new DRYV Woven 2.0 Training Shorts! So without further ado, here's the Founder's Review after my first run in 'em...

For starters, I think the OG DRYV Woven Training Shorts may have been amongst my favorite we've ever made. A highly technical short, we were very early on the stretch woven fabric tip (went live with these back in '18!) which is now commonplace. Super lightweight, water resistant/hydrophobic yet with some stretch so you could hoop, train and even do yoga in them (try DRYV before a downward dog BTW - game changer).

So when re-imagining the next iteration of these shorts, we wanted to keep everything we loved about the original edition, while making some updates and enhancements..

  • BIGGER WIPE ZONE! Made this area too small on the first version. These have twice as much DRYV surface area.
  • UPGRADED TRIMS! Didn't love the hidden zippers/pulls on the originals. These new ones are easy to grab and fall on a straight seam. Oh, and we used a thicker drawcord and elevated aglets (the things at the end of the drawcord) which really feel premium.
  • DEEPER POCKETS! Everyone loves zippered pockets but we made these even deeper, important with new mega sized phones!
  • SHORTER INSEAM! Sooo, this is the controversial one. I know the trend is  to show more leg these days so the 2.0s have a 6.5" inseam (size L) that fall to mid thigh. We also built in an aggressive side seam so you really do get great lateral movement in these as well. But in full candor, I just may not be there yet...not sure how I feel about that much breeze when I'm running in them. Might just take some getting used to.

Sorry to all of you who have been waiting so long for this re-stock, but greatness takes time! Hope you like them as much as we like getting them out to you. 

Have fun out there,


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