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Shoot The Lights Out With POINT 3 Alpha Rob Crandall

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by POINT 3 Alpha Rob Crandall, FlashTrainings

Basketball training is almost like going to school. From April to November, the faster you understand a concept, the faster you’ll graduate to a new skill. 

We’ll take as long as it needs to take to conquer a skill and we’ll move on.  If we can get the same amount of drills done in half the time because a player is understanding and doing a good job, then that’s when we’ll add more.

Here's an example of how we'd do that with a focus on shooting.

Rob Crandall Flash Trainings shooting drill

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Shooting Series

Goal: Make over 500 shots a session

Beginner Class

Goal: 300 makes within five feet of the basket before we shoot any other shot on the court

Keys:  Concentration on and Dedication to shooting

  • Perfect Form
  • Perfect Footwork
  • Perfect Follow Through
  • Players hold follow through until the ball hits the floor
  • Not a speed drill, a skill drill 

Graduation: When taking 300 shots goes from taking an hour to taking 15 minutes

Next Level

Goal: 50 swishes on 10-foot jump shots

Keys: Continued focus on Concentration and Dedication

  • Improving your skill
  • Repetition

Master Class

Goal: 10 swishes in a row from five feet, taking one step back until you reach the three-point line.

Example Workout


00:00-5:00 – Bank shots off the glass from the right and left block, have to make 50 from each block

5:00-10:00 – Square up in the center of the paint working on perfect form have to make 50 shots five feet in front of the basket.

10:00-20:00 – Layup Series –Right and left layups and reverse layups.  Have to make 20 of each type of layup, 80 total layups.

20:00-40:00 – Shooting Series –Catch and Shooting, Shooting off the Dribble, and Stationary Shooting, need to make 150 total shots.

40:00-50:00 – Ball-Handling –Working on one- and two-ball dribble.  Passing with two balls.  Really focusing on our hand-eye coordination.

50:00-60:00 – Competition –Example of a competitive game is “Continuous  1-on-1”.  There are multiple lines at multiple hoops, if you score you stay on.  First player to 11 scores wins, you have 4 dribbles to score.

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