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Who Are the Hardest Workers in College Hoops?

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by Waterboy Sam Meyerkopf

When we talk about hard work on the court, there's a lot of things that go into it.  Defensive hustle, stopping fast breaks, cutting hard on offense, getting to loose balls, bringing the energy up on your team…  Each player plays hard in their own way, and here's a look at the college guys who are producing more sweat per minute with how hard they play.

Justice Winslow, Small Forward, Duke

Winslow is a physical beast for a small forward who always makes sure his opponent is well aware of that fact.  No fast break is too late to stop or a shot too hard to block.  Loose balls, deflections, steals, blocks… Winslow won't stop till he takes the ball from you.


Montrezl Harrell, Center, Louisville 

The ball literally makes a small dent in the floor every time Harrell dunks it.  He throws it down so hard that the rim stays shaking and the floor gets punished.  Get out the damn way, this slam is going to hurt!

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Briante Weber, Point Guard, VCU 

This hurts. Briante hounded opposing guards and teams harder than almost anyone. This past weekend, he went down with a torn ACL and MCL. Just know, if you have the ball, Weber WILL TRY TO STEAL IT FROM YOU!  He led NCAA in steals in back-to-back years and was averaging a ridiculous 3.8 steals per game this season. Here's hoping Briante can bounce back and build himself a pro career.

Dustin Hogue, Forward/Center, Iowa State

Often undervalued, but the Garbage Man holds serious value on the basketball court.  Being able to clean up the glass, get offensive put-backs, be in position to take a charge, defend someone bigger than you…  Hogue has mastered the art for Iowa State and will continue to muck it up all season long.

Tekele Cotton, Shooting Guard, Wichita State

There's nothing quite like a hustler who can also get UP!  Cotton makes hard work exciting.  Few can run the floor like him and then finish with a hammer dunk.  Look out below, Tekele is coming!

Venky Jois, Center, Eastern Washington

Who? What? Where?  That's right Eastern Washington starting center Venky Jois is one of the most emotional and hardest working players in college basketball.  His team feeds off his energy.  Every dunk, block, or hustle play is greeted with a chest pound and shout.  When Jois makes a play, the whole gym can feel the energy level go up.

DeAndre Mathieu, Point Guard, Minnesota

Pitbull. Bulldog. Gopher (not really, that's just the squad he balls for). Whatever description you want to use, Mathieu will get AFTER YOU!  At 5'9" all he does is hound you.  Little man, Big game.


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