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by guest columnist Dexter “Water” Johnson

Good to be here with the fine folks from POINT 3, who asked me to come in and drop some old school knowledge on this blog.  Make sure everyone knows why they do, what they do… 

See, y’all young bucks don't get it.  When we used to say “ALL DAY” we meant it.  Sun comes up…ballin.  Streetlights come on…still ballin’.

Nowadays you get skills trainers with fancy little cones, brand new gyms, 10 indoor courts with lights, glass backboards and game schedules. We never had people telling us when we were supposed to play, cause we were always playing…ALL DAY baby!

My people over at POINT 3 get it – that’s why they made this new T called B(ALL) DAY.  Whether you’re at the playground with your squad or in the gym with your teammates, ballplayers know it’s all day, every day to get your game right.

You know what else was “B(ALL) DAY”?  My jumper.  In range the moment I stepped onto the court.  Knockin down shots All Day, All Night.  Jumper so wet, that’s where I got my nickname from. 

Water. Out.

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