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The Favorite for the 2015 NBA Three-Point Shootout Is...

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by Waterboy Sam Meyerkopf

In what might be an All-Time great Three-Point Shootout this weekend, we decided to size up the field of long-range assassins. Who is our favorite to take the title?

The Returning Champ - Marco Belinelli

The Champ is still the Champ until they are knocked off, no matter how many heavy hitters are in the field.

The MVP - Stephen Curry

Open up Youtube, type in Stephen Curry, close your eyes and pick any highlight. Steph is the MVP not just of this competition but of the LEAGUE!

The Scorer - James Harden

Does James know you can't draw fouls at the three-point contest?  Known for being much more than a shooter, let's see if Harden can keep up with a bunch of specialists and Kyrie. 

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The POINT 3 Dark Horse - "B.A." Brandon Armstrong

No, B.A. unfortunately won't be taking part in the NBA contest, but he can drain threes from downtown with the best of them. Just check out this clip!

The "Can I Dribble Before I Shoot" Player - Kyrie Irving

The 2013 Shootout Champ makes his vaunted return to the three point stage after a one year hiatus.  Kyrie likes to dribble first, second, and third in games, maybe it'd be nice if he just spot up shot more often. What do you think LeBron?

The Underdog - Wesley Matthews

You can line up experts, fans, players and it'd be tough to find anyone who will pick Wes to win this thing.  But guess what, he's made the third most three's in the league and is only one behind Curry and two behind Korver.

The Other White Guy - JJ Redick

Redick can go off and he's another player who will be less picked by most.  But finally away from CP3 and Blake's shadow, maybe JJ can get rolling in NYC.  

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The MICROWAVE - Klay Thompson

He scored 37 points on perfect shooting in ONE QUARTER. Look out world if Klay gets hot, it's over.  OVER! 

The King - Kyle Korver

You see that throne over there? That guy with the perfect form and follow through on the current best team in the league. The guy who is on pace to break the record for three-point shooting in a season, a record that HE SET four years ago.  That there is the Shooting King, that's Kyle Korver.

Enjoy what should go down as an All-Time Three-Point Shootout! 

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