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#DRYVTour 2014: Checkin’ in with our Alphas

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2014 DryV tour map

by Jaimie Canterbury

During the #DRYVTour we had the opportunity to stop in and visit with a few of our Alpha basketball skills trainers. These guys are some of the best trainers in the country, and when we show up they always have something new and interesting for us to see!

Gilbert Abraham, Akin Athletics

On one trip back to Atlanta we stopped in Dillon S.C. to attend POINT 3 Alpha Gilbert Abraham’s workout. Gilbert is hard nosed, and by no means is he for the weak-hearted. His workouts are intense!

When we stopped in, Gilbert was running one group training for about 30 kids, followed by an elite session with three top prospects. He ran them hard!

Off the court Gilbert is the nicest guy ever. On the court he’ll eat you for lunch if you show any sign of weakness! His kids respond to him well, though.

You can follow Gilbert on Twitter, Instagram, or visit his web site for more info!

Mark Adams, Mark Adams Basketball

We were up in the Raleigh, NC, area for the NC Championship tourney, and we stopped in with one of our most active Alphas, Mark Adams. Mark trains everyone from NBA players down to juniors, and he travels around the country (and even the world!) leading workouts.

Mark's son Riley was playing in the NC Championship tourney, but after Riley’s team lost in the tournament, he and his dad got right back to work. Riley was working out with another promising young point guard, Juan Munoz, and the two promising guards worked on everything from advanced dribble moves to different layup packages and scoring angles. 

Mark is very active on Twitter and Instagram, and you can find some of his gear at his web site, too

David Anderson, Foundation Basketball

During one of our DC trips we took a trip down to Richmond VA to link up with POINT 3 Alpha David Anderson. David runs a training organization called Foundation Basketball, specializing in everything from 4 year olds all the way up through pro skills training.

David and his staff held a group training session and invited us to sit in and sell gear at his gym for the day. The parents loved the gear and we got a chance to see some exciting workouts. Two of David’s rising 9th graders whohad just learned to dunk started throwing down on kids, so he put the two in a fast break drill and man was it was a sight to see.  

You can check out David’s web site or follow him on Twitter as well!

Look for much more content from our Alphas in the near future!

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