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The Sweatiest Basketball Players of All-Time

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by Waterboy Sam Meyerkopf

Some players sweat more (including POINT 3 CEO Michael Luscher) than others, which is why we invented DRYV Moisture Control Technology and incorporated it into our DRYV Baller 2.0 shorts and many other basketball-specific pieces.  But looking back in basketball lore, there are quite a few players who could have used and still could use some POINT 3 gear.  This includes a lot of big men, hard workers, and the sweatiest of the sweaty.  You could call this a collection of POINT 3 Sweat All-Stars.  Our Top 10 squad:

10. Anthony Mason Jr.

Mase worked hard and played even harder.  He earned every drop of that sweat!

8/9. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol

One of and possibly the, sweatiest frontcourt duo out there.  Both love to grind it out in the post and they keep the BIG in today's NBA big men.


7. Roy Hibbert

Just watching Hibbert run up and down the floor would make anyone sweat. Yeesh!

6. Chauncey Billups

Finally, a guard who sweats a lot.  Even though he's Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey still gets quite a workup of presperation going.  Sweat on the outside, Ice on the inside.

5. Moses Malone

GET OUT THE WAY! Moses is about to dunk on you and it's going to rain below!

4. Scott Howard

The littlest ballplayer on the list, he didn't ever make the league, or even college, but Scott Howard sweat up a storm and even went Werewolf-mode when he really got pissed off. 

3. Charles Barkley

The Final Three! Chuck, The Round Mound of Rebound, was relentless going to the cup, and whether he hit you or you slipped off of him, he was getting to the hoop.

2. Kevin Garnett

Just look at the picture, come on now.  KG is one of the hardest workers ever.  EVERY DROP OF SWEAT COUNTS!

1. Patrick Ewing

Congrats Pat! Anytime you want some new DRYV, we've got your covered. No one, and I mean no single other basketball player, worked up a sweat like Ewing.  The big man went from Cambridge Ridge and Latin HS to Georgetown to New York and left a trail of sweat everywhere in between.

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