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Why Woven Shorts? A Sweaty Hoophead's Love Story...

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by Michael Luscher, Founder & CEO

So much for my 2019 New Year's resolution to be a more active blogger!  You can imagine how thrilled the marketing team is that my first post of the year is dated in May...

But here's the deal. Much as I'd like to keep our P3 universe up to date on everything we're doing, I tend to save these posts for updates that REALLY matter.

Which brings me to our latest product drop - the DRYV Woven Training Shorts.

I don't consider myself a total nerd (marketing team shakes head "Yes") but I'm definitely real nerdy about a couple of things:

  1. Basketball (duh)
  2. Fabric
  3. Our products

As our Chief Sweat Officer and #1 product tester, I've been wanting to make a pair of woven shorts for years.  Why?  Wovens, unlike knits (which is what all of our other shorts are made out of) respond much better to moisture.  Woven fabric, for those who might not be familiar, is what bathing suits, board shorts and windbreakers are often made from.  The problem with woven fabric?  It doesn't typically have any stretch - something ballplayers need on the court.

You can imagine my nerded out excitement when our product dev team presented a super dope short silhouette made from...a STRETCH WOVEN FABRIC!  That's right - all the performance needed to handle even the sweatiest of hoopers (me) with 4-way stretch fabric so I can get down and dirty on D!!

I'll leave it at this.  Please - give these joints a shot.  If you've ever rocked a pair of POINT 3 shorts and loved them (c' know you love them) I promise these will be your new faves.  Take a look at the product page to see aaaalllllll the features we've packed into the DRYV Woven Training Shorts and if after taking them out for a run they're not your new favorites, hit me up directly ( and yep, you guessed it - money back, no questions, no hassles.  Just like all those damned infomercials ;)

See you on the court.

Lusch, Founder & CSO

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