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POINT 3 Staff NBA Predictions

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It's a Tuesday morning like no other because the folks who make our office go were downright giddy about coming to work today. Each passing hour brings us closer to the start of the NBA season. We truly do breathe, eat, drink, sleep and dream basketball. Which means not a day hour goes by without some interoffice argument good-natured banter about who is who and what is what in our beloved sport.  And now we’ve brought the conversation here.

Without further ado, we present – in our own words -- the POINT 3 staff predictions for the upcoming NBA season.

Rookie of the Year

    • Daniel (DQ): Brandon Ingram. He will need to take and make the shots for his team. I think he will have the numbers in overall points and rebounds to get this award.
    • Hilary: Kris Dunn (Minnesota Timberwolves). High draft pick (5th overall).
    • IV: Jaylen Brown (Celtics) or Malik Beasley (Nuggets). These are my hometown picks, they’re both from Atlanta.
    • McMillan: Brandon Ingram. He may not be starting at the beginning of the year, but I feel he will be stealing the spot towards the beginning of the season. He will come out strong and show he is a future Lakers great.
    • Michael: Buddy Hield. The Pelicans are not going to be very good, so Buddy will get looks and we know he can shoot it. He’s small for a 2-guard but that release is lightning.
    • Tasha: Kris Dunn. He’s a young, talented player who brings energy and has the poise of a veteran.
    • Mikko: Joel Embiid. Pretty crazy that he’ll just be a rookie this year, but if he stays healthy, and with Simmons out the first part of the season, he’ll have a real chance to establish himself. 
    • Siran: Since I’m a designer, my picks are going to be based on what I know - uniforms and the UCONN Huskies. My ROY candidate is Daniel Hamilton, the first (and only) player from UCONN this year to be drafted. Everybody slept on him and he's going to prove them wrong.

Surprise Player

  • Daniel (DQ): Malcolm Delaney, ATL Hawks. Watched him play and he looks like a great back up scoring facilitator when Dennis [Schroder] comes out the game. He can shoot the midrange pull up and can get the ball to the open player in good spots, 
  • Hilary: Devin Booker. NBA All-Rookie First Team selection last year 
  • IV: Jabari Parker. He reminds me a lot of young Carmelo Anthony. His skill set is off the charts and if he can stay healthy he’s poised for a breakout year.
  • McMillan: Devin Booker. I know Booker was emerging at the end of last year, but I think this is his year to put the league on notice. I think he averages over 20 PPG and will be a serious contender for the All-Star team. 
  • Michael: DRose. I think he’s ready for the next phase of his career, finding a way to get that team of individual superstars to jell.
  • Tasha: Jabari Parker. Hopefully he stays healthy but he’s an extremely versatile player on a young squad.
  • Mikko: Mindaugas Kuzminkas. He’s a 27-year-old rookie, but he’s a solid shooter/scorer and he’ll have a chance to make an impact with a (hopefully!) improved Knicks team. Plus, need to show at least a little Euro love!
  • Siran: Shabazz Napier. now that he’s on a better team it's his time to shine. 


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Surprise Team

  • Daniel (DQ): New York Knickerbockers. They reloaded and can't go anywhere but up from last season. The rookies are looking real good with vets and new additions on the team to mold them. 
  • Hilary: Minnesota Timberwolves. Their offseason moves were solid.
  • IV: Bucks or T-Wolves. Both teams are loaded with young talent and have great coaching staffs to mold them.
  • McMillan: Utah Jazz. I think this team is going to show out this year and finally break into the playoffs. With the addition of Joe Johnson, Gordon Hayward emerging as a star, and the young players Rudy Gobert, Dante Exum, & Rodney Hood emerging, this team is on the rise!
  • Michael: The hometown Hawks, baby! Lots of depth on this team and finally, a willing leader in the locker room with Dwight.
  • Tasha:Milwaukee Bucks. Their length and athleticism is something you just can’t ignore. They are still very young but they have tremendous potential. 
  • Mikko: Minnesota Timberwolves. KAT + Wiggins + Kris Dunn is a core that can be built around long-term.
  • Siran: Philadelphia 76ers. The 1966-67 throwbacks they're wearing this year are nice plus the new court design that's going with it.

NBA Champion

  • Daniel (DQ): Cleveland. LeBron just makes everyone around him better and a healthy Kyrie shows he can make those clutch plays.
  • Hilary: Golden State for the champ is a no-brainer since they picked up Kevin Durant in the offseason.
  • IV: Golden State has too much offensive firepower and I believe they will jell a lot sooner than most people think.
  • McMillan: Cleveland Cavaliers. It is hard to pick against GSW but I think LeBron will cement his legacy even more this year.
  • Michael: Warriors. Hate it because I don’t believe in manufactured championships but that is seemingly what it takes to win in today’s NBA. I think they have the right mix of superstar personalities on that squad willing to sacrifice for the greater good and just too much firepower. But I will be rooting against them.
  • Tasha: Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron. Raymone. James.
  • Mikko: The Cavs. This is probably a two-horse race with the Warriors, and if they stay healthy, I think it will extremely tough to beat LBJ and Kyrie in a seven-game series
  • Siran: The Milwaukee Bucks, in my opinion one of the best uniforms in the league if not the best.


  • Daniel (DQ): Russell Westbrook. He almost averaged a triple-double with KD on the team, and now with him gone he has more free reign to lead the team.
  • Hilary: LeBron James. They don't call him King James for nothing.
  • IV: Russell Westbrook. He has nobody to defer to this year. I think he may average a triple-double this season.
  • McMillan: Paul George. With a full year under his belt after injury I think he is going to come out hungry. With the additions of Jeff Teague (ATL misses you), Al Jefferson, Thad Young, and an emerging young Miles Turner I think he will have the talent around him to show his true skills. He claimed at the end of last year he wants the MVP so I believe he will come out hungry.
  • Michael: Russell Westbrook. Dude already had a chip on his shoulder. Now he’s got no one holding him back from going H.A.M. Every damned game.
  • Tasha: LeBron. Raymone. James, He’s the best all-around player in the world.
  • Mikko: Anthony Davis. His team won’t contend for the title, but he will finally emerge as an unstoppable force.
  • Siran: Andre Drummond, He went to UCONN, what more needs to be said. Also Vegas has him as the 28th best player to win MVP this year at +15000. I like those odds. 

What do you think will happen this season? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter, tag us and use #NBAPredictions.


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