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Beware the Lone Wolf

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By Guest Columnist Dexter “Water” Johnson

“The hardest walk you can make is the walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest.”           

- Me.  I said that.

The NBA Finals start today, so I wanted to drop some knowledge. …

What we’ve got on our hands here – for the 4th straight time (yawn) – is a team vs. an individual.  Yeah, the Cavs got a squad but do they really?    I mean, The King called his damned wingman by the wrong name…intentionally.

And why can LeBron disrespect one of his teammates like that?  Cause he’s the Lone Wolf, that’s why.   44 minutes per game?  Lone Wolf is in shape – check.  Kevin Love out in Game 7??  No problem…Lone Wolf got this.     

This Finals matchup is like Jordan vs. the Monstars in Space Jam. Except Foghorn Leghorn may be a better low post option than Tristan Thompson (DAMN!). Now, I’m not tryin’ to get into that G.O.A.T. debate but no doubt, Lebron and MJ have one thing in common – Lone Wolf status.

So, what makes the Lone Wolf so dangerous?  They never afraid to go solo.  In a game, in practice, whenever.  Champions are made when no one is watching.  That’s when the Lone Wolf is putting in work so they always ready for that moment.  Lone Wolf – that’s that bad ass you always better watch out for.

Warriors in 5.

Water. Out.

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