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Gear 101: How POINT 3 Is Made

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Not unlike a consistent jumper or crazy handles, making The World's Best Basketball gear is a process that takes time, practice, attention to detail and above all else, a whole lotta hard work!  To help you understand what goes into making a POINT 3 garment, here's the first installment of Gear 101: How POINT 3 Is Made...


The Pit Misnight run with POINT 3 Jerseysthe inspiration

No journey is complete without a goal.  To design The World's Best Basketball garments, we need inspiration - which always starts with the ballplayer...out on the court, working hard and expecting their gear to work even harder.  But beyond that, we try to pair our guarantee of functional performance with unique design elements to offer our customers the most technologically advanced basketball apparel available.

Step 2 - DESIGN

designing clothes picture

Once inspiration hits, we move to design or in technical terms - "line drawings".  This is how we turn inspiration into a two-dimensional garment.  This is the fun part...


selecting fabric sheets


And onto the 3rd dimension.  Fabric selection is without a doubt, where we spend the most time and attention during the design and manufacturing process.  POINT 3 is Made for Basketball - that means you need our garments to hold up to the tears, blood and above all else, sweat that it takes to get your game right.  It's the fabric that does the work here so we mix, match, test and re-test to ensure that every fiber used in our gear serves a specific purpose and performs on the court.

Step 4 - TECH PACK

tech pack picture

And this is where play turns to work.  The tech pack is the garment's blueprint, outlining everything from the specific measurement points to fabric colorways and drawstring length.  This is the set of plans that our factory uses to manufacture each garment and ensure it meets our quality standards. It's thick, detailed and complicated - but that's why we're The World's Best...

OK, that's today's lesson.  Stay tuned for our next POINT 3 Behind the Brand where we'll move to Gear 201 - cutting, sewing, checking for quality, then checking again.  And once you get that right, we'll accept your application as our design intern...


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