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Underdogs Win in March

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"...And David chose for himself five smooth stones...and his sling was in his hand...
...when Goliath saw David he disdained him for he was but a youth...
...and David struck Goliath on his forehead, so that he fell to the ground."
1 SAMUEL 17:40

Welcome to March...the month of the Underdog.

Every ballplayer has at one time or another, felt like an underdog.  Overmatched on the court, overlooked in tryouts, doubted and dismissed.  And it's what drives you to outwork your opponent, outhustle your competitors and accomplish unthinkable feats.

POINT 3 makes The World's Best Basketball Shorts but everyone says we've got no shot against Goliath.

Go ahead and doubt's what drives everyone at POINT 3.

Underdogs win in March.


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