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by Michael Luscher, POINT 3 Founder & CEO

In business, they often say timing is everything.  Well, that seems to be the case in basketball too.  

I was playing in my Sunday morning run last weekend, having won my first game and was just starting to get warmed up.  You see, while we love our customers, the one drawback to all these holiday orders and a fast growing business is that I have not stepped on a court in 3 weeks (and PS - I’m old), so that first game almost didn’t count.

Anyway, in an effort to hold court, on the 3rd play of the second game I drove to the basket off my right pivot foot and actually, had gotten past my defender…when it felt like he kicked me in the back of my right calf.  Pissed, I turned back to glare at him only to drop the ball and crumple to the floor.  You got it - I tweaked the $%&@ out of my calf and had to be carried off the court.  

Thankfully, not as bad as originally thought - amazing what R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) can do for healing.  My right calf has been a problem before, so I’m somewhat used to the pimp strut I’ve been rocking all week and hope to be back out there by next weekend.

So, how does the leg sleeve tie into this, or did I just want to get some sympathy from my extended P3 family??  

Well, I'm not sure anything other than a good warm-up, hydration and stretching would’ve prevented this injury but the ‘C’ in R.I.C.E. is really what I’m getting at - COMPRESSION.  Often debated in its impact on performance, what compression undoubtedly does is promote greater blood flow to the compressed area - in plain English, helps keep that area warm.  That means more oxygen delivery to your muscles (they like that) and faster recovery for sore muscles after a workout.

But here’s the twist - I’m cheap…especially when it comes to performance apparel.  Since I know what’s involved in making these garments, I have a real hard time dropping $80+ on a pair of compression tights.  Especially when I know that my right calf is the problem spot.  

Enter the DRYV LT Leg Sleeve, allowing you (and me!) to enjoy the beneficial effects of compression on one leg, or both, with a DRYV Dry Hand Zone included…and all for a very reasonable price.  As you can likely tell, I’m pretty fired up about this new product drop.


Now if I was just able to speed up that production cycle by a week, I could get this stupid bag of frozen corn off my leg...    


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