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4 Reasons Our New Line is Made for Women (and Basketball!)

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by Michael Luscher, POINT 3 Founder & CEO

Since starting POINT 3 over five years ago, we have watched the growth of the women’s game with great excitement. Participation-wise, basketball now ranks #2 in the country for women, behind only track & field. From a skill-level perspective, one only needs to watch a few minutes of a WNBA game to see that these ladies can really hoop!

But for us, the easiest benchmark to measure growth was simple - how many times we were asked: “WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO MAKE GEAR FOR WOMEN??” It was easily the question we most frequently received and are now proud and excited to answer: “TODAY!!”

So, why did it take so long? The simple answer is that at POINT 3, we never want to release anything until it’s better and different than anything else on the market. And what we learned in over two years of market research, observation and discussions with female ballers, is that they are very particular about their gear. The result of all that effort: here are the four things that make our line of women’s gear worthy of the POINT 3 logo:

1. DRYV Moisture Control (duh). It’s our signature feature. It’s patented, so only POINT 3 can offer gear with a built-in towel. And because ladies sweat too when they’re doing work on the court, DRYV is something they’ve been asking for since our inception.

2. Racerback Jersey. It was the #1 request we received from female ballplayers. It’s a better fit, a better look, and as you can see from Elan’s sweet stroke below, the soft rib-knit elastic seam on the racerback cut allows for full motion on your jumper.



3. Shorts Fit. We asked ourselves the question - why is it that so many women fold the waistband over on their basketball shorts? The answer…cause most shorts are made for guys!

From a design perspective, that means the rise (the measurement from top of waistband to bottom of crotch) fits incorrectly. Pardon the anatomy lesson but because women have more space in that area, they need a shorter rise! To ensure our shorts fit a woman’s body properly, we also slimmed the leg opening, widened the hips a bit and shortened the inseam since most women told us they wanted their shorts to hit just about the kneecap. In short (pun intended)…we nailed it.

4.Made for Basketball. Above all else, our research led to one major conclusion - women who play ball are CRAZY for the game. They play as often as possible, are passionate fans and devote themselves to getting better at all costs. Basically, everything we believe in at POINT 3. And until now, no brand has exclusively shared that level of devotion with this important and growing segment of the game.

Well ladies, here we are. As the father of two young daughters (regrettably, neither of whom have really taken to the game yet…we’ve still got time) I can assure you that everyone at POINT 3 is committed to the on-going growth of the women’s game, and making sure that you guys have the absolute best gear on the planet to hoop in. Give the new gear a shot and please, hit us up with comments and feedback on what you want to see next.

See you on the court...


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