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Do You Sweat On the Court (You Should)? 3 Reasons Why BASE LT Will Be Your Favorite Shirt

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by Michael Luscher, Founder and CEO

At POINT 3, we’re experts on sweat. It’s not pretty, it’s not glamorous, but it’s part of the game and it’s what we do best.

As the company’s CSO (Chief Sweat Officer, aka the sweatiest guy on the court), it’s my job to know which products can help minimize the impact that sweat has on your game….and it’s why we make the BASE LT.

BASE LT has three important features that will help you handle sweat better than any garment I’ve ever worn:

  1. 4-Way Stretch Lightweight Compression
  2. Moisture-wicking
  3. Ventilated Armholes

Let me take you through those in a little more detail.


That’s garment speak for a lightweight, tight-fitting shirt that moves with your body. Why is that important for sweat management?

BASE LT black

If the garment is directly against your skin, then your sweat comes immediately in contact with the fabric, avoiding those distracting sweat drips and letting the fabric do it’s primary job, which is…


It’s a commonly used term that few actually know the real meaning of. Wicking is the transfer of moisture from your skin to the fabric, spreading your sweat out more evenly across the garment, allowing it to evaporate and dry more quickly. And the fabric used for BASE LT is not only the most moisture-wicking available, but it features “pinholes” that provide more surface area where the moisture can evaporate and dry even faster.

 Pinholes in BASE LT fabric


It’s no secret that we sweat most where our bodies are hottest. By using a ventilated mesh (aka fabric with little holes in it) around the armholes (see image below), BASE LT provides airflow around your pits and helps keep you cool. Helpful for sure, but no substitute for deodorant…

 BASE LT red ventilated armholes

I wear BASE LT every time I play, usually under my T-shirt or jersey because I have yet to find a garment that handles sweat better. But don’t take my word for it, check out these reviews from customers who have experiences the benefits of BASE LT first-hand, and pick one up this weekend while we’ve got ‘em on special! 

See you on the court…



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