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In Defense of the Cleveland Cavaliers' Waterboy

1 min read

by the Waterboy

No one's perfect, not even LeBron in his own homecoming.

And in such a high pressure situation, with people constantly instructing you to do things, people make mistakes.  And when people of my own ilk make one, I have to step up for them.

I'm not an actual waterboy, I just look like one and was bestowed the nickname on a Brooklyn court years agothat has stuck with me since.  

In the Cavs' first game of the year, their waterboy was seen pouring Gatorade into a Powerade bottle. Unfortunately, the kid took a lot of heat for this in places like Bro Bible and Bleacher Report.

Let's walk through this and see why all the hate thrown towards the Waterboy is just plain wrong.

1. You're telling me that HE thought to pour the Gatorade in there?  That order that came down from the top, come on. Perhaps, it even came from a player.  

2. Waterboy Code: Do as you are told, as fast as possible, never EVER be late with liquid at a timeout break.

3. Gatorade is better than Powerade and it's not really even that close.

So sure, he might have "messed up" to the world and the billions of cameras now in arenas, but in reality this Waterboy was just doing his job. So let's lay off the kid!


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