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Everything You Need to Succeed at Tryouts

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by Jaimie Canterbury

Team tryouts are typically just a couple of weeks away. You’ve worked on your game all summer long, now it’s time to reap the benefits and make the squad!

Our POINT 3 Alpha trainers work with players at all levels, ranging from grade schoolers to the best of the best. They’re pumped to share some of their insight and years of experience in helping players like Dwight Howard, James Harden, Paul Millsap, Eric GordonChandler Parsons, Aaron Gordon, and others make big steps in their careers!


POINT 3 Alpha - Romeo De La Garza 

I’m entering my 16th year as a head boys basketball coach in Texas. Every year the excitement and anticipation for the season is always at a high level. 

Throughout our preparation and evaluation process I emphasize:


Players must also have a "PRESENCE" out on the floor. How do they do that? Well, I ask that our players to pay great attention to detail in all phases of our system.


POINT 3 Alpha - Michael RossettiMost coaches will condition their players hard in the first week of tryouts/practice. Coaches will be looking for confident players who are coachable, communicate, and handle instruction appropriately.  Fundamentally sound players who understand how to play the game, in my opinion, are the most visible to coaches during the tryout period. Individuality only takes you so far. 

Players have to be able to eventually fit into a system and operate in that system constructively, filling the expectations that the coach has set forth on the TEAM. 


POINT 3 Alpha - Kevin Mitchell 

To find the balance between trying to prove you can play and proving you’re a team player, demonstrate the ability the execute basketball specific movements which can transition to the basketball court in a game situation. Coaches will be looking for players who are skilled, but you will have an advantage if you can compete at multiple positions.

The best ways to prove yourself are to play hard, play smart, play together, play confident and defend. Focus on skill sets which are specific to the position where you would like to showcase your basketball skills. Coaches will be looking at prospects with basketball    fundamentals, skill and the ability to play within their structured system on both offense and    defense. 


POINT 3 Alpha - OHoops

I’ve got a few points about nutrition. A few days before tryouts, make sure you are hydrating, eating well and eating something that will elevate you to your peak performance that day.  Get "makes" (shots) up, and make sure you are confident about your game going in.  

Have a mindset to lead by example (pay attention, be at the front of the line, outwork every one at tryouts). Also, keep in mind to communicate well.  Be vocal and keep things running   smooth on the court, become someone that the coach can trust and rely on. Don't be overbearing with it, but be genuine about playing for this program.

We’ll be posting more tryout preparation tips soon so be sure to check back in with us regularly.

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