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Behind the Product: BASE LT compression base layer shirt

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by Michael Luscher

In a new series, POINT 3 Founder and CEO takes us "Behind the Product" to give us the backstory to POINT 3's world class performance basketball apparel.

BASE LT is my favorite POINT 3 top, designed for the ballplayer who knows it takes two things above all else to improve on the court – REPS and SWEAT. BASE LT will keep your body dry and cool for as many reps as you can handle.

The story behind BASE LT actually starts even before the launch of POINT 3. In doing our research on the basketball apparel market, we noticed one glaring weakness in the wardrobe of many ballplayers – the tight fit, ribbed cotton tank top.

In the summer of 2009, we interviewed over 300 ballplayers and more than 62% of them were rocking them on-court! There is no worse fabric to wear when sweating – it sticks to your body, gets heavier with each game you play, and looks terrible.

So we set out to solve this problem by designing a compression top that had the same fit and feel so many of those ballplayers we interviewed liked, but we improved it in a couple of ways:

1. Fit – we used a 4-way stretch compression fabric so the garment fits close to the body but moves with you on court, making it the perfect base layer.

2. Wicking – sweat is our enemy! So we literally searched 3 different continents to find the right fabric that not only has inherent moisture wicking capabilities, but is strong enough to hold up to any style of play

3. Air Flow – we found an aerated mesh (with little holes) that allowed heat to escape where ballplayers sweat most, keeping you cool on the court.

Our current BASE LT, released just in time for the 2014-15 basketball season, is actually an improvement on this! More than our original BASE (v1.0), BASE LT performs all the same functions but uses a lightweight fabric, which you almost forget you’re wearing on the court, and the pinhole mesh gives greater wicking capabilities to the body fabric.

Now available in all new colorways, you can rock BASE LT on its own (if you’ve got the pipes for it) or under that dope graphic cotton T you just picked up. No need to thank us when after 500 jumpers, that cotton T isn’t sticking to your body.

We're not the only people in love with BASE - here's a review from on our product:

Hope you enjoy the BASE LT as much as we do!

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