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One-Handed Ballplayer Omar Ndiaye - Who Will Give Him a Shot?

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Rob Dauster of NBC Sports Talk  recently shared the story of Omar Ndiaye, a one-handed high school point guard from New Mexico. 

As reported in the article, Ndiaye saw the stories last spring about Zach Hodskins, another one-handed player who succeeded in his underdog story and earned a scholarship to play for Billy Donovan and the Florida Gators. That motivated him to try to get his own story out.

As Ndiaye says in the interview:

“When people first see me play, they never expect me to do anything,” Ndiaye said. “When we play new teams that we never played before, they sleep on me and think I’m not going to do anything.”

“It feels really good when people underestimate me and think that I can’t do anything and I surprise them.”

According to the article, Ndiaye doesn't have any offers yet but put together this video in hopes of getting some exposure, which then was picked up by the folks at City League Hoops:

“I feel like if I work really hard for this school year I can do it,” he said. “I have good grades, so if I had a school that was interested in me I could apply there and walk on.”

Here's hopin' that we can do our part in helping to spread the word! Good luck, Omar!



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