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2014 #DRYVTour: POINT 3's Summer on the Road

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During the spring and summer of 2014, the POINT 3 van toured all across the Southeastern United States, with a few additional stops in other basketball hotbeds. In our following blog posts, we will recap some of our favorite memories from the #DRYVTour of 2014.

2014 DryV tour map

By Jaimie Canterbury

Becoming a great ball player takes a great amount of dedication. It’s the countless times you run a drill over and over just to get it right. It’s the challenge of bettering your score on the gun until you make 100 out of 100. It’s never leaving the gym until you physically can’t go anymore.

If you’re as dedicated to the game of basketball as we are, then you understand that hustle. You understand that grind. You understand that passion. The passion is what drives you to keep working harder. The passion is what gives you that indescribable edge. The passion is what allows you to never lose that hunger.

When you truly love the game of basketball, that passion is embedded in you. That same passion has inspired us to create the World’s Best Basketball Shorts, and that same passion is what led us to embarking on the 2014 #DRYVTour.

You can never trust someone else to tell your story for you. With our 2014 #DRYVTour, we wanted to takethe storytelling into our own hands. As a basketball-only brand, we feel that it’s our duty to personally introduce what we consider to be the best basketball gear to the players that need it the most.

During the summer we hit more than 25 basketball events in 11 states, catching a glimpse of more than 30,000 players. We want to share some of the things we saw, heard, and learned, so hop on board the POINT 3 van and get ready for some stories from the road!

2014 #DRYVTour: Our Favorite Stops

2014 #DRYVTour: Checkin' In With Our Alphas

2014 #DRYVTour: Our Favorite Courts


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