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8 Reasons to Watch the FIBA Basketball World Cup

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POINT 3's VP of Marketing, Mikko Simon, and Social Media Specialist, Sam Meyerkopf, are both on their way to Spain for the FIBA Basketball World Cup, which kicks off on Saturday, August 30th. Here is the second of a few blog posts over the next two weeks that will have a focus on the World Cup!

by Sam Meyerkopf

1. The Fans 


These people aren't just cheering for their team they are cheering for their COUNTRY.  A piece of their identity, something everyone in that country can rally behind.  If you have a chance to watch a Finland or Philippines or Lithuania game, do it just for the fans alone.

2. Discovering new Players

This is a great venue to find out about players you normally might not just watching the NBA or NCAA. Here's a blog post from yesterday on some of the top players you might have never heard of.

3. Players showing they can grow into bigger roles

Playing for your national team on this big of a stage gives players a chance to develop differently and can shine a brighter spotlight on them.  A player like Matthew Dellavedova who played for Australia while he was still in college grew immensely from the opportunity to participate in tournaments on the world stage like this.  Kevin Durant was really good before the 2010 World Championships in Turkey but he turned into a superstar in Istanbul that summer (see above).  A guy like Anthony Davis (also above) has the chance to take the same giant leap in Spain that he may have not have had on a mediocre Pelicans team in a stacked Western Conference.

4. See How Basketball is Played around the World

Yes the USA and Spain are dominant but this is the WORLD Cup and it's fun to see how basketball is played all around the world.  Every country has their own unique spin on the game and even though we're talking about the same sport, seeing it played in new and creativity was can be invigorating. 

5. The FIBA World Cup Schedule 

            ALL DAY LONG!  Because the games are happening in Spain, the games will be on from the moment you wake up (6:30 AM) until the moment you get out of work (4:00 PM). Don't be afraid to call in sick a couple days. 

6. The Passion of the Players playing in their National Team Uniforms

For some players when they put on those colors of their country they just play with a different level of energy and passion. I mean, have you ever seen when New Zealand’s team comes out and does the Haka (as above)? It may look weird form a U.S. perspective, but it can be pretty intimidating. You can also see it when Pau Gasol just gives that much more cause he cares so much about Spain. There will be players that will surprise you with how well they play because they are so proud to represent their country.

7. Team USA guys playing together and taking a step


It's not like you get the chance to see multiple All-Stars playing together all the time on one team in games that really mean something.  Steph Curry shooting 3's off of Derrick Rose kick-out passes.  Anthony Davis lob dunks from Kyrie Irving passes.  Curry throwing behind the back fast break passes to James Harden.  This is basketball poetry.

8. Team USA vs. Spain 

Spain is bringing their full experienced team, which has been playing together for over a decade and is at home versus the most inexperienced squad Team USA has had in a few years.  If the Gold Medal game does end up being Spain vs. the USA, it's tough to say who the favorite is and we have a legitimate chance of Team USA going down. Can you ask for anything more out of a world tournament?

I'm Excited, are You?

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