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Check out what the media is saying about managing your sweat on court

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Our recent patent announcement for DRYV Moisture Control Technology has generated a lot of interest from the media - and not only the basketball press and bloggers. One of the first articles about the granting of the patent was authored by FORBES magazine contributor Darren Heitner, who wrote:

"Today, POINT 3 Basketball announced that it has been granted U.S. Patent 8,769,716 on its invention.  It could just be another piece of intellectual property or turn out to be a real game changer in the athletic apparel industry."

We obviously believe the latter - that what POINT 3 has invented is a real game changer. Seriously, how many times have you had to leave the court to dry off in the middle of practice or a game? 


While POINT 3 is always about the ballplayer, the fact is that DRYV Moisture Control Technology can easily be applied to many other sports. As Heitner wrote, that changes the potential "size of the prize":

"Therein may lie the game changer.  If the technology has beneficial uses with garments in other sports or even beyond sports as an industry, the patent could turn into a major cash cow for POINT 3."

To back that up, check out this weekend's article from the New York Times' Harvey Araton: "Weary of Pro Tennis Delays? Cry Into the Towel."

While Araton's angle is more about the delays caused in tennis by players constantly toweling off between points, the fact is that managing your sweat has become part of the sport:

"Few would challenge the argument of the pro-turned-commentator Justin Gimelstob, who said: “The sport has changed; it’s more physical and the rallies are longer. In the summer, try serving to Novak Djokovic when you are dripping wet off your hat, shirt, shoes and shorts.”

Check out the short video clip put together by the New York Times, and you get a sense of what toweling off looks like on the tennis court.


What do you think about the whole aspect of toweling off? Do you do it when you're playing ball or playing other sports? How do you manage your sweat?

Let us know by commenting here or give us a shoutout on Twitter with the hashtag #OnCourtNoSweat.

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